Indyme Solutions and Signatrix team up to make Pushout Theft history (EN)

In light of our recently announced partnership with Indyme, we want to put a spotlight on one of the biggest banes of retail and how we are able to make it a thing of the past: Pushouts. Have a look at a little video demonstration:

Pushout theft refers to shopping carts filled with goods being pushed out of a store, usually through the open entrance area, without having been paid for first.

We’re here to digitize the oldest, most traditionally successful and at the same time innovative branch of the retail industry: Good old Super- and Hypermarkets. Let’s be precise: We strive for innovation, not novelty. Innovation means solving problems previously considered unsolvable and thereby creating value. In an age of hyper-accelerated technological evolution, software can do almost anything, if enough work is put into it. The catch is: Physical Retail is working pretty damn well for everyday goods. The key is finding the right problem to solve and not just putting a screen where it isn’t needed.

Take a look at another a pushout:

Why has the pushout problem not been solved yet? The answer is deeply connected with the reason why pushouts are a problem at all. Retailers do not only offer their customers products, they offer them an experience. Part of that experience is the ability to freely move within their stores including being able to enter them through a large open, gateless area. That area is hard to monitor for humans, enabling criminals to utilize it as a means of getting goods out of the store. Even if a potential pushout attempt is recognized, it can not be assumed that the person pushing the cart has evil intentions. Simply tackling and apprehending the suspect, who might just be an honest customer suffering from a case of scattered brain syndrome is not acceptable. That is why Signatrix Entrance is designed to prevent pushouts in a manner that does not damage customer experience. Our system alerts store staff about any suspicious incident and lets them decide how to deal with it. You might ask yourself: But does that not possibly pose the same problem regarding apprehension you just outlined? The answer is yes. Which is why Entrance can also be integrated with deterrent systems, the example displayed here being the brilliant solutions of our partner Indyme. Any customer on the wrong path will be notified of having lost his way and restored to the right path. If somebody keeps going despite that, apprehending the person seems more than justified.

The person portrayed here can’t claim to be oblivious to the fact that he has gone astray.

Problem solved. We can’t wait to continue working on the future of retail with our amazing partners.

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