Reprinting Retail

We teased it last week – now here it is. A short look at what Jörg Ferdinand spends most of his breaks in the office doing. 3D-printing things we need to get our systems up and running in the retail stores of the world. We’d love to give a proper shoutout to Guy Scheffer, but somehow he has not found his way to LinkedIn yet. Nevertheless, we are able to show you a timelapse of a custom mount for one of our cameras being built thanks to him.

Having a toy like that around allows for a variety of other ways to have fun and do something productive at the same time. Have a look at some of Jörgs creations that populate our office.

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A nifty tool belt to keep our storage devices in one place. Yes, that is something we urgently need.

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Here’s one more nifty tool belt. This one is used to keep all things 3D-printing close to where they need to be.

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And finally, here’s an old version of our custom camera mounts.

Unfortunately we are not able to show you the coolest of prints on here due to potential IP issues. But maybe it’s a reason to swing by our office sometime.

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